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The main objective in MinerMite is to catch falling blocks of ore in matching colours and then dynamiting that chain to mine the Gems within.

Gem Collection Cycle!
Mouse Movement

Movement is controlled by the mouse.

Mouse Movement

Anti-clockwise Rotations are triggered by Left-clicks


Clockwise Rotations are triggered by Right-clicks


Score increases exponentially with the length of the chain you dynamite!


The Time Bar indicates how much time you have left for your current game!
When you run out, the game is over.

Luckily, dynamiting chains regenerates time!


Requests & Multipliers

After mining the requested gems, you are rewarded with a new mining cart!
This multiplies all subsequent points you earn by the stated number!



Buddies are hired from the Tavern in Town!

Each one has a unique ability that enhances gameplay!



Open the team roster panel after you select a stage.
Then select which buddies you want to bring with you into the game!


When you’re in game, your team is displayed in the lower left corner.
Choose your team combinations wisely for maximum rewards!


Items are can be bought from the Item Shop in Town!

They provide buddies with power-ups and grant them energy so they can keep up with you!


Your item inventory is located in the Team Roster Panel.

Bestow special powers on your buddies by clicking the use button, then dropping the items on your chosen buddy!

Advanced concepts are discussed in our Forum!