Spell Words is a new word-puzzle game designed to be enjoyed by all!

Not only is it a fun and competitive word game that can be enjoyed with friends, it also doubles up as a vocabulary builder for those seeking to improve their command of the English language!

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Game play consists of 90 second rounds where players swipe as many chains of words as they can on a 5 by 5 tile board of individual letters!

Each letter is scored individually with higher points awarded to use of more obscure letters such as Q, X or Z.

Unlike conventional tile based word games, letter tiles in Spell Words are not reusable, once words are formed, new letter tiles emerge and take their place.

Forming longer words also leaves bonus letter tiles in their trail, when these are used, players are rewarded with a huge bonus to score through multipliers and also bonus tiles’ abilities to clear multiple tiles at once.

Power Ups!

Players are also allowed to bring a choice of 3 activate-able “spells” or power ups into the game!

Some of which slow down or speed up game tempo, but sticking true to the educational theme, the more interesting “spells” give players hints on new and interesting words that may exist on the game board.

Build your Vocabulary, with friends!

Challenge your Facebook friends, or help them find “Bounty” words!

Level up and attain an array of helpful spells!

And don’t forget to look up words you don’t know in our dictionary!