MinerMite is set in a kingdom in crisis. All the gems have mysteriously gone missing from the vaults, leaving the kingdom in disarray!

Follow Freckles in his selfless journey through the mines as the Kingdom scrambles to replenish its Gem supply… and uncover the hidden secrets of mysterious events transpiring underground!

Unfortunately, support for MinerMite (the Facebook application) has been discontinued. Thanks for playing! The good times shall be cherished!


MinerMite is a fresh new look at the way Puzzle RPGs are played!

Try your hand at dynamic puzzle solving and building your own matching patterns in time based play! Rotate and navigate through the mines to catch rocks of matching colours and blow them up using dynamite! The more matching gems you mine, the bigger your score!

Remember, practice makes perfect!

Assemble your team!

Team up with buddies that bring game changing abilities to the way you mine for Gems!

Each buddy has their own unique skills and abilities that you can use to enhance your game style!

Play with friends!

Challenge your Facebook friends to some fast paced, skill based action in the Open Mines!

Win big in-game rewards and bragging rights!

Think you need more of a challenge? Then challenge the top players and make new friends!